Cost Projections

A Cost Projection is not the same as a Life Care Plan. While a Cost Projection provides an outline of the cost of care needs for an injured individual, it requires less intensive staff time and research, and does not involve physician collaboration.

As with a Life Care Plan, we review medical and billing records; however, an on-site assessment is not always a necessity. The Certified Nurse Life Care Planner (CNLCP) will make that determination as the Cost Projection is developed. Costs for the identified needs are obtained from one provider or a database of costs in the client’s community, as opposed to three providers for the Life Care Plan.

Businessman confined to wheelchair

Ultimately, these differences in the construct of the Cost Projection result in reduced attorney expense.

Cost Projections are helpful in determining future medical expenses when preparing for mediation or a hearing, or when there is a concern regarding liability apportionment or a cap on damages. A Cost Projection can be utilized when an attorney simply needs to know the cost of a future surgery and the associated care expenses.

Cost Projections are not recommended for your trial needs. A Life Care Plan is the option to select for cases with high damages that are going to trial.

Cases that warrant a Cost Projection:

  • Minor Injuries with Ongoing Minimal Care Needs
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions with Limited Damages
  • Future Surgical Needs
  • Future Joint Replacements
  • Limited Liability Caps
  • Concerns Regarding Liability or Apportionment Issues