Medical Record Retrieval

Has your staff ever undertaken the burdensome task of medical record retrieval? Your case can be won or lost in the medical records, but obtaining the correct documents can be expensive. Complete, certified and legible records are a must, keeping in mind that only the necessary documents keeps costs at their minimum. Equitable Medical Legal Consulting professionals are experienced and adept at medical records retrieval, and also at identifying records to be obtained.

Medical Records

State and Federal Requirements

Our professionals are familiar with state and federal statutes affecting the requisition and acquisition of health records. 45 CFR §164.524 states that an entity must respond to a request for records within 30 days of receipt of the request. See the link below for the full details.

Access to Protected Health Information

Each state routinely updates allowable fees for medical records. Section 191.227, RSMo sets the statutory base rate for calculating the maximum fees for copying medical records. The current rate reflects the cost of supplies and labor for copies provided in paper form, as well as a base retrieval fee. See the link below for more details and the most current charges.

Allowable Medical Records Fees

Our clients have us request medical records:

  • In the process of constructing a Life Care Plan. A chronology of events is built, and from that review, crucial treatment and billing records are identified. Necessary but missing records become apparent and can be requested by the client or by us.
  • While reviewing a case for merit. Only the most pertinent records need be requested to contain costs until determination regarding the case is made. Registered nurses can focus in on the records that will tell the story.
  • When faced with multiple providers and facilities. The list is forwarded to our professionals who know the appropriate contacts and departments that answer the requests.

Timely procurement and cost efficiency is assured by our tested system of follow-up. Each set of records comes certified with an affidavit. Turn to the professionals at Equitable Medical Legal Consulting to remove the burden of medical record retrieval from your office and assure medical records that equal success in your case!