Lisa Bozdeck, Partner

Lisa Bozdeck graduated in 1988 from St. Louis University with degrees in International Business and Spanish. After many years in retail customer service and a few years at a small law office, she began working at Equitable Medical Legal Consulting in August 2004.  She started as an administrative assistant and throughout the years moved into the office manager role.

Lisa Bozdeck, partner

Lisa is now a partner in the company and enjoys the expanded customer service role that being an owner provides. She takes great pleasure in assisting clients with their questions, concerns, and difficulties by providing top level customer service.

Lisa has three adult children and three adorable granddaughters, all of whom she is lucky enough to have living nearby in St. Louis. She has been teaching piano for over twenty years and plays at church on Sundays. Lisa finds great therapy in gardening and helping others with their own gardens, including being appointed to the Beautification Committee in Crestwood MO and planning and maintaining the Crestwood City Hall gardens. She also enjoys traveling with her husband, listening to music, reading, cooking, and photography.