Defense Consultation

Equitable MLC is available to consult with Defense Counsel regarding the future care needs of the plaintiff – whether it be to construct a Life Care Plan or assist in the review of the opposing expert’s proposed plan of care. The same nursing standards and industry-established methodology are implemented, regardless of the task, to determine that the care is reasonable, necessary, and specific to the client’s needs.

Injured man in wheelchair

Our Process and Recommendations

We review medical records and billing to ascertain an understanding of the chronology of events, beginning with the mechanism of injury and following through treatment rendered up to present date. In addition, we review any available deposition transcripts, and will perform an on-site nursing assessment and physician collaboration whenever possible. These steps allow us to determine the client’s functional status and future care needs. We also evaluate usual and customary charges.

With that knowledge in hand we provide an alternative plan of care, or a side-by-side comparison, of recommendations and costs in verbal and/or written format. Equipping defense counsel with our insight facilitates recognition of the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed plaintiff plan.

We remain available for deposition and trial testimony, with a goal of equipping defense counsel with knowledge of reasonable and necessary future care.