Forensic Billing Reviews

A forensic billing review is an essential case development tool, regardless of which side of the aisle you stand.

Closeup of invoice and computer screen with magnifying glass

Accurate Medical Assessments and Mitigating Damage

A plaintiff attorney needs to accurately identify all possible medical damages. Conversely, the goal of defense is to mitigate damages by identifying unrelated and/or unjustified charges. Our clinical experience allows us to speak to healthcare and associated billing with authority, identifying related vs. unrelated, or even unjustified, charges. In addition, we are versed in usual and customary charges for physician care, diagnostic testing, hospitalization, surgery, medication, equipment, etc.

Reviewing and comparing billing to medical records can also pinpoint missing or incomplete medical records, and/or additional records to be requested. Having the complete record can be the difference between a winning and losing case.

Reviews are easily searched, modified and inserted into documents in Excel spreadsheet format, but can be customized to your preference.